Mohan Narayanan's Payyoli Trilogy Books

The Payyoli Trilogy books now available as Paperbacks world-wide

The internationally best-selling and highly successful 3 books of the PAYOLI TRILOGY series initially came out from the USA & Europe as beautiful Hardcover editions printed overseas.

For Indian readers, the prices were unaffordable since they were

  1. priced in USDollars with the Rupee depreciating fast
  2. and they had to come all the way (postage) from the US or Europe.

So to make the books price wise acceptable in India, the 3 books were launched as cost effective Paperback editions which were published by Norton Press, Chennai, who did an extremely good job. The covers were redesigned and the books priced at Rs.210/- to Rs.240/- Compare these with the imported book prices of Rs.1280/- to Rs. 1750/-

The Indian edition books were launched on 12th August 2015.with scion of the AVM family Sri A V Shanmugam, ace movie director Rajiv Menon, veteran musician Gangai Amaran and top playback singer Suchitra releasing the books.

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